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A Trial Lawyer with over 40 Years of Extensive Experience in Civil Litigation and Beyond

Proven Success

Joe has successfully conducted jury trials in cases involving allegations of securities fraud, malicious prosecution, defamation, products liability, common law fraud, breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty.

He has tried non-jury cases before state and federal judges involving complex insurance agreements, consumer protection claims, civil rights claims, a construction contract dispute, claims that lawyers engaged in professional misconduct and extensive evidentiary hearings on post-conviction hearings that resulted in a client convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to death eventually being released from prison.

See Representative List of Trials for more details on these cases.

For a summary of Joe’s experience trying cases before panels of arbitrators, please visit the Arbitration page.


The advantages to clients of having a lawyer with extensive trial experience include: (1) the opposing party knows that you are committed and will be ready to try the case, if necessary: (2) increased ability to make an early evaluation of the case as a trial or settlement case; and (3) avoidance of unnecessary litigation expense to the greatest extent possible. These advantages give the client the best possible chance to achieve a favorable settlement.

Network of Lawyers

Joe has a network of lawyers in Philadelphia and elsewhere who are willing to work as co-counsel with him in litigation matters that require more than one or a team of lawyers.

The overwhelming majority of the firm’s litigation engagements come from referrals by other lawyers and former clients.

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